Most people spend at least as much time at work as they do at home, yet the typical office building fails to put human comfort first, if it’s given serious consideration at all. We designed TELUS Sky from the inside out, thinking of people and experience first.

“The design of this building has been shaped by the characteristics and needs of the people who will live and work in it.” – Bjarke Ingels, Founder of BIG

The offices at TELUS Sky feature floor to ceiling triple paned windows offering spectacular views and high levels of natural light, both increasing employee well-being and productivity. According to a recent Design and Performance Report, 90% of knowledge workers are convinced that the quality of their environment influences their productivity.

100% Fresh Air Supply Change

High quality environments

TELUS Sky supports a thriving work-life balance and features amenities that rival those of top-rated luxury hotels. Large, open floor areas for workplaces provide maximum flexibility for tenants to create their ideal work environment. Common areas in the building are designed to provide a high quality and comfortable ‘third place’ for tenants and the public alike. TELUS Sky is more than a great office; it’s a great place.

  • Optimized workspaces for health and employee well being
  • Advanced building technology
  • Enhanced Air quality / comfort
  • Flexibility / adaptability for growth
  • 9’8” clear height and operable windows – helps maximize natural light
  • Triple glazed windows – helps maintain consistent temperature and keep exterior noise to a minimum
  • Exterior Terraces + balconies – allows for convenient access to the outdoor environment
  • 100% Fresh Air Supply