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The workspaces at TELUS Sky fuse beauty and comfort with environmental design, elevating the culture of work in the heart of Downtown Calgary.

The offices at TELUS Sky feature floor to ceiling triple paned windows offering full-height views and high levels of natural light.


Most people spend at least as much time at work as they do at home, yet the typical office building fails to put human comfort first, if it’s given serious consideration at all. We designed TELUS Sky from the inside out, thinking of people and their experience first.

100% Fresh Air Supply
5 - 10% Potential productivity increase in leed platinum design

The 11 storey atrium features a green wall, a stunning architectural feature, which serves to enhance air quality in the public realm.


The offices at TELUS Sky feature floor to ceiling triple paned windows offering full-height views and high levels of natural light, both increasing employee well-being and productivity. A small savings in productivity can more than offset any increased costs of moving or rent as employee salaries encompass a much larger portion of a company’s annual expenses. In addition, better air quality and thermal comfort is reported to improve productivity. Recent reports cite 26% higher cognitive function, 30% fewer symptoms of sick building syndrome and 6% higher sleep quality scores in high-performing, greencertified buildings and that a LEED Platinum design can increase productivity by 5-10%.

9’8” clear height

Top of raised floor to drop ceiling provides clearance of nearly ten feet, abutting full height widows.

Sound + walking sense

The raised floor system is fabricated from metal encased concrete, creating a solid platform and providing maximum sound insulation.

Juliette Balconies

Office levels 20-28 feature juliette balconies, providing fresh air and access to the outdoor environment.

Lobby Piano

Perched between the sky lobby and the office entrance, the building’s piano will cascade throughout the grand atrium for tenants, guests and the public to experience.


Located on Level 3 and connected to the +15, a variety of from featured local chefs will be infused into the day- and night-time dining experience at TELUS Sky.

Sustainability Features

TELUS Sky will be one of the most technologically innovative and environmentally-friendly buildings in North America. It will also be one of the only Calgary buildings to harness the flexibility and comfort from a raised flooring system.

30% reduction in grid energy demand
395,000 kgs of annunal CO2 emissions reductions

Sustainability Features

In conceiving TELUS Sky, we considered every opportunity to optimize energy efficiency. TELUS Sky will achieve LEED Platinum (2009) status and will be recognized as one of the most technologically advanced and efficient buildings in North America.

TELUS Sky provides 100% fresh indoor air supply and the highest levels of natural light in the Calgary market, it consumes less water and other resources than its peers, and in its construction and operation will source materials locally and those that do not contain substances harmful to the environment. Finally, it will support 
and encourage its occupants to utilize transit or cycle or walk to and 
from work.

LEED Platinum (2009) status

Underscores functional design that creates holistic benefits for people: highest levels of natural light, optimized energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, locally sourced materials, access to transit.

100% Fresh Indoor Air

With operable windows and 100% fresh air supplied via the underfloor ventilation system, optimal fresh air exchange occurs where the occupants require it the most.

Roof Garden

Respite from the urban environment of downtown can be found via the rooftop garden as well as vegetated terraces on the 4th, 5th, and 6th levels.

High Efficiency Curtainwall

In order to create a high level of thermal efficiency, TELUS Sky features a high efficiency curtain wall with triple-pane glazing for optimal heating and cooling.

Operable Windows

Fresh air via operable windows on every floor means improved individual control and comfort inside tenant office spaces.

District Energy

Heating and hot water throughout TELUS Sky is accomplished a District Energy system, utilizing less energy

Sky lobby & Green Wall

The 11 storey atrium features a green wall, a stunning architectural feature, which serves to enhance air quality in the public realm.


Low-flow fixtures throughout the building improve water efficiency, helping to minimize environmental impact.

On-Site Bicycle Parking

Both short- and long-term parking available in the on-site, indoor bicycle storage area.

Electrical Vehical Charging Stations

Underground charging stations provide convenient and protected parking for electric vehicles.

On-Site Car Share

Dedicated car share parking stalls are located in the underground parkade, providing a convenient drop off and pick up point.

Stacking Plan


Floor 17 17,713sq. ft.
Floor 12 18,713sq. ft.

Views are approximately estimated and cannot be soley relied upon. Actual views may vary.